Sonic Twist Unity
Sonic Twist (Judi Silvano & Bruce Arnold)


UNITY is the third album by the Sonic Twist duo and each demonstrates the special affinities vocal musician Judi Silvano and guitarist Bruce Arnold share. Both using electronics, structure, theme and development are apparent no matter how far out they spin with each other in a spontaneous choreography. All 17 tracks form a unified suite that expresses a range of human experiences and Michal Shapiro has created a visual counterpart with a video for each. More at and

Label: Muse Eek
Release Date: 2021


Judi Silvano | vocals
Bruce Arnold | guitar

Track Listing:

  1. A Ha
  2. Capricious
  3. I Saw That
  4. Bruce’s Boogie
  5. Dryads
  6. Lacewing
  7. Hovercraft
  8. Flutterby
  9. Ha
  10. Home Free
  11. That’s What That Is
  12. Chrysalis
  13. Shamans Plane
  14. Confabulation
  15. Frisky
  16. Shimmer Down
  17. Compression Expansion