Allan Reutershan

A Healing of Self

Guided narration by Hypno-Therapist Allan Reutershan, who was inspired by the music of Silvano and Lovano, to foster self-healing.

Label: Sound Garden
Release Date: 2011


Allan Reutershan – Hypnotherapy narration
Judi Silvano – flutes, alto recorder, voice, percussion
Joe Lovano – gongs, wood flute, bass recorder, percussion

Allan Reutershan, a massage therapist and hypnotherapist for over 25 years, has developed a technique blending massage therapy with hypnosis.

Hypno-massage, as he calls it, has helped people realize their self-healing potential, yielding excellent results in such areas as overcoming chronic pain, smoking cessation, weight management, sports enhancement, relaxation, and stress relief.

Allan was so inspired by their music, that he decided to create his own guided narration  along with the creative music of Judi Silvano and Joe Lovano.  When played in a quiet setting, it will provide fertile ground for the listener to enter a hypnotic trance.

In the words of the world-famous hypnotherapist, Dr. Milton Erickson, such a trance is defined as “a pleasant, temporary interruption of habitual behavior in order for creative solutions to take place.”

The aim of this CD is to foster one’s innate power to heal oneself from within!