Sonic Twist Unity


UNITY is the third album by the Sonic Twist duo and each demonstrates the special affinities vocal musician Judi Silvano and guitarist Bruce Arnold share. Both using electronics, structure, theme and development are apparent no matter how far out they spin with each other in a spontaneous choreography. All 17 tracks form a unified suite that expresses a range of human experiences and Michal Shapiro has created a visual counterpart with a video for each.


This is a beautiful collection of gentle and atmospheric sound excursions. A very relaxing second album for Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold’s Sonic Twist duo, here they create 12 free form yet melodic duets. Creating each unique composition ‘in the moment’, both use electronics and effects tastefully. “What a beautiful collaboration of voice, guitar and electronics. Thank you Judi and Bruce, for the lovely journey!” Jay Clayton, singer/composer

Lessons Learned

This album, released on the Swiss label Unit Records, features all Original Songs and Lyrics from the pen of Judi Silvano. Her personal observations on Life and Love speak of experiences ranging from tender to spiritual to whimsical and hilarious. The empathy of her 2-guitar Zephyr Band ensemble plus Sax Master Joe Lovano on two tracks and in the booth as Co-Producer, brings this mature compilation of songs to life.

Listen to This

This is the first album vocalist Judi Silvano and guitarist Bruce Arnold released of their Electro-Acoustic Duo excursions. These Co-Compositions evolved “in the moment” and vary from calm soundscapes to a Rock-ish energy. The two composer/players explore together and create arrangements through sensitive improvisation, including two of Silvano’s compositions, with stunning results. This collaboration using electronics and word painting is ongoing.

My Dance

Silvano has been writing her own original songs through the years and yet this is her first release where ALL of the tracks are her originals. Some have lyrics while others leave the storyline to the listener’s imagination... Joining her on this duo session is the powerful pianist Michael Abene, also well-known as an arranger and conductor. Together they create a setting for each song and with Judi’s tastefully expressive vocals, this is a fascinating session.

Indigo Moods

This is a collection of some of Judi’s favorite Standard Songs in an intimate Trio format featuring Peter Tomlinson on Piano and Fred Jacobs on Trumpet. They work together seamlessly interpreting the many moods and stories of these Classic songs of life and love. Songs by Ellington, Jobim, Hoagy Carmichael/Johnny Mercer, Strayhorn, Monk/Ferro, Koehler/Arlen, Van Heusen, Irving Berlin, Raye/DePaul, G&I Gershwin and more.

A Healing of Self

This is a guided-narration album by Hypno-Therapist Allan Reutershan. His work is to foster self-healing, encouraging this to be accomplished in the privacy of one’s home. Since he was inspired by the music of Silvano and Lovano, soothing excerpts of their “Spirit Music” album accompany his mellow voice gently giving direction.

Cleome: Live Takes

This is a joyous collection of Live Recordings from gigs that Silvano booked in New York with well-known NYC downtown musicians in the early 1980’s. Her regular colleagues during this period are saxman George Garzone, drummer Gerry Hemingway, and bassists Michael Formanek and John Lindberg. Together they explore new compositions and traditional songs in the spirit of collective improvisation at various venues, rather than in a studio setting.

Women’s Work

Silvano’s annual concerts celebrating “Women’s History Month” and research into music by under-appreciated American Women Jazz Composers generated this inspired tribute. Her work with the swinging pianist Janice Friedman plus bassist Jennifer Vincent and drummer Allison Miller yielded interpretations of each unique song by Mary Lou Williams, Abbey Lincoln, Carla Bley and Sheila Jordan among others. A second album with different composers is in the works.

Spirit Music

Peaceful sounds to help rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Grammy winner Joe Lovano plays gongs, percussion, wood flute, bass clarinet and bass recorder while Silvano surprises by playing alto flute, alto recorder, voice and percussion. This music is a superb companion to practices of yoga, meditation and massage as well as to create a calm energy in your home or work space.

Celestial Voices

This music is a soothing and flowing album of women’s voices with a new age and chamber music feeling. Silvano’s adept direction of the A Capella vocals along with Kyoko Kitamura and Marlena Primavera and arrangements that sometimes incorporate flutes create a flowing environment. Take a moment and connect with your breath. Or just relax through your day with the lush and sonorous sound of voices around you!

Let Yourself Go

This album features Septet Arrangements by Michael Abene with an All-Star “little big band” featuring Dick Oatts, Ingrid Jensen, Dan Silverman, Rufus Reid, Newman Taylor-Baker and Abene conducting from the piano. This project was an 80th Birthday Gift from Judi of her mother’s favorite songs from the Great American Songbook and Miriam enjoyed the band several times at Birdland and the Jazz Standard.

Riding A Zephyr

A delightful encounter between the seasoned pianist and composer who had been Billie Holiday’s last accompanist and a young, gifted vocal musician, this landmark collaboration reveals the sympatico of these two artists despite decades between them. Notable are Silvano’s original songs, her lyrics set to some of Waldron’s older compositions and their relaxed collaborative arrangements, including his classic “Soul Eyes”.

Songs I Wrote Or Wish I Did

The title says it all! This is one of the most swinging bands I’ve ever had the privilege to assemble with Vic Juris, Larry Goldings, Essiet Okon Essiet and Victor Lewis plus guest Joe Lovano! I chose some classic music of Billy Strayhorn, Thad Jones/Abbey Lincoln, Bob Dorough/Fran Landesman, Emil Boyd/Hale Smith, Jane Hall and Myrow/DeLange to record with this amazing band and was excited to record some of my own original songs and lyrics, too.


Silvano’s Blue Note Records release was only her second album as Leader. This album shows her roots and diversity as a contemporary modern jazz vocalist and she is surrounded by a stellar cast. She tackles gems of classical composers Rachmaninoff, Ives and Ravel bringing them into her creative sphere alongside Strayhorn, Monk and Mingus with aplomb.

Dancing Voices

Judi Silvano’s first recording as Leader was a tour de force. Already showing her inspiration as composer & arranger, she leads textured and varied sound explorations of songs by Bill Evans, Duke Ellington, Charlie Haden, Max Roach/ Abbey Lincoln, Tom Harrell/ Cheryl Pyle and Andre Previn plus her own Originals. Contributing are Kenny Werner and Salvatore Bonafede on piano, Scott Lee on bass, Jeff Hirshfield on drums, Tim Hagans on trumpet, Joe Lovano on sax, plus vocalists Val Hawk, Holly Durniak and Spencer Macleish in Judi’s “Voices of Juniper” arrangements.