What a year it’s been – 2021 was a real challenge for all of us, being at home and staying away from large groups to prevent getting the Omicron Covid virus!!! We have so many friends and colleagues who weren’t as lucky as we’ve been and have lost many friends and colleagues due to the dangerous complications it causes.

On the Happy side of things… 2022 is a year of Possibilities!!!!

In 2022, it is the 20 year Anniversary of release of my RIDING A ZEPHYR DUO recording with the late-great Mal Waldron who was Billie Holiday’s last accompanist, which was released on Soul Note/Black Saint Records! It received a wonderful reception of our collaboration, a combination of Mals’ compositions, some with my new Lyrics, and some of my own originals. What a gift to spend time in the studio in Brussels with him and then to share countless phone calls sharing jokes with him.

Also, it is the Anniversary of the recording of my Landmark Release CLEOME. This was a 5-year band project with my quartet of George Garzone (tenor sax and clarinet), Michael Formanek (bass) and Gerry Hemingway (drums and percussion) from several Live Sessions at the Knitting Factory and Studio 66, released on JSL Records ….

And NOW for the coming year 2022…

I am grateful for Flutist Cheryl Pyle’s foresight in organizing a monthly LiveStream on Zoom on the 3rd Sunday of every month the whole year in 2021! What used to be live concerts every month in the “6BC Gardens” in lower Manhattan became a refuge for me from the comfort of my home, to share the fun of playing with 5 or 6 virtuosic musicians. Our Sequential Improvisations revealed a new kind of energy that was truly healing for me, with the beauty of Musical Ideas taking center stage in sometimes surprising ways! We continue into 2022 so if interested to watch and share the fun, contact me for the Zoom link! It will be Feb ??? , March ???, April ??? etc….

I am thrilled to announce that this Spring and Summer I have 3 different SOLO ART EXHIBITS to share my work with you. Physically, they are all in the Hudson Valley and I am working to make a Virtual Exhibit Tour to post in case you cannot attend in person. Please consult my EVENTS page for details.


Announcing a new Music Release of SONIC TWIST’s New Album: SONIC TWIST & FRIENDS

Every week a new track will be released until the Full Album is released in Sept. 2022

Sessions as Studio 66 of Master Improvisers on multiple instruments include Judi Silvano on Voice and Percussion, Bruce Arnold on Guitar and Gezung (Koto) with Guest Artists Joe Lovano on C-Soprano, C-Melody, Gongs, Drum, Gezung (Koto) and Alto Flute, John Menegon on Bass and Teri Roiger on Voice and Michal Shapiro Voice. See our website SONIC-TWIST.com