Women’s Work


  1. Bougainvillea
  2. Pretty Eyed Baby
  3. Inside a Silent Tear
  4. Not To Worry
  5. Why Do I Still Dream of You?    
  6. New Dance
  7. Easy to Love
  8. What’s Your Story Morning Glory
  9. Ballad for Miles
  10. Can't Get My Motor to Start
  11. Backwater Blues

Judi Silvano - voice Janice Friedman - piano Allison Miller - drums Jennifer Vincent - bass

“Silvano pays tribute to some of the more influential female stylists in jazz, performing compositions that are compelling musically. The chronological and stylistic expanse of Silvano’s choices, from the swing era Williams to the exploratory approaches of Carla Bley, are noteworthy. You can hear the smile in her voice, Silvano making sensitive use of dynamics with impressive phrasing, is at her best here as an evolving artist.”

“Silvano ranks as a superior female vocalist deserving of wider recognition and has spread her net wide to salute the songwriting skills of eight great female jazz singers & players, including herself. Silvano and company are in fine form, obviously having a ball with this material going from softly introspective to joyfully buoyant and delightfully saucy.” – Jazz Times