Spirit Music

Sound Garden


  1. Hibiscus Opening
  2. Chimesong
  3. Fluttering Aspen
  4. Wind Meditation
  5. Peaceful Moments
  6. Butterflies Flutter By
  7. Blooming Landscape
  8. Gentle Winds
  9. Silent Footsteps
  10. Mystic Garden
  11. Dream Bells
  12. A Moment to Breathe
  13. Heliopsis
  14. Dancing Voice
  15. Open Heart

Judi Silvano - flute, alto flute, voice, alto recorder, percussion, gongs
Joe Lovano - bass clarinet, wood flute, bass recorder, percussion, gongs

“The drifting pastoralism of this music coasts along on flutes, recorders and gongs set amid a bed of bells and reverberating percussion.  A good accompaniment to a soft snowfall.”
– Jason Bivins, Cadence Magazine

“Sound Garden – Spirit Music  (JSL Records) is a peaceful musical journey of East-Indian and jazz-influenced music. The improvisations featuring flutes, recorders, gongs and percussion, voice, and reed instruments (such as alto and bass clarinets) are played by two veteran musicians showcasing their empathy and partnership in music and in life. The music transcended mere tunes and what otherwise might be expected from music, touching upon something actually quite spiritual.”
-Laurence Donohue-Greene, Editor, NYC Jazz Record

“Sound Garden – Spirit Music is a more contemporary version of Tony Scott’s ‘Music For Zen Meditation and Other Joys.'”
-writer, videographer Bret Primack

“This is a lovely offering by a great musical couple, from their  hearts.  The music is enchanting and haunting as the candle flickers: mysterious gongs shimmer and help us float away.”
-Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery News