July 2020

It seems the past 6 months have flown by at such a speed that a lot of it is a blur, so these days I am practicing gratitude for the slower pace of life in this challenging time in our lives. I am taking this opportunity to focus on the things that I love and allow myself to nurture a balance in my daily life. By focusing on the Beauty of Nature and Music and Art, I am able to counterbalance the level of the energy that comes of watching the news unfold every day.

That being said, I have also been embracing the increased level of communication on the internet that has become necessary and getting comfortable with learning new skills. I am also painting quite a bit and re-working my Website Paintings page to make my art more accessible and available as I plan to post the new series of “Pandemic Paintings” that is filling my studio! Please check them out as we move along.

While contemplating the many issues before us in the Covid19 pandemic, I remembered that a number of years ago I recorded “Living Room” by Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach and that the lyric is so reminiscent of what we are experiencing now. We are staying at home, we are “streaming live concerts from our living rooms”, we fear infection from contact with others, we are observing the reaction to violence in our society and see the growing awareness of prevalent racism in our world. This song is an anti-dote to that sense of social foreboding... It’s an upbeat tune that dances along with exciting lyrics about needing space and the room to love and to play in order to feel good and thrive!

So here is a NEW VIDEO of Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach’s song “Living Room” which features 26 of Judi Silvano’s Paintings with Music and Dance themes and abstractions of the movement of life. Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel (no fee) to receive notice of upcoming videos as they are posted.

What else have I been up to? Being home so much, I am weeding the garden more than I have in years! And I’ve witnessed every flower that graces our yard since it was planted years ago! I am also painting, writing music and poetry. After many years of playing in ensembles, I am enjoying sounds and spaces at home as Solo and even sometimes with others on Zoom! Joe Lovano and I have done a series of “Livestreams” as a duo which has allowed for my painting a new canvas in real-time. Talk about Visual Improvisation – wow! This time at home has also lead me to practice my student Gemeinhardt flute and to play piano without expectation. Improvisation is a great tool for connecting with one’s deep and personal expression of the rhythms of Life. Listen and Flow. I am also recording short Solo videos of favorite songs, which I will post eventually.

A long-term project with my frequent collaborator, guitarist Bruce Arnold, is that we have been preparing an album of New Compositions. This will be the 3rd of our Electro-Acoustic Duo “Sonic Twist” and given the state of affairs in our world, as of yet the release is unscheduled. Also in the works is a series of collaborations with artist/videographer Michal Shapiro which features dancers Maria Mitchell and Hilary Brown seen interpretating the music of “Sonic Twist”. I envision releasing a DVD so people can enjoy the music and dance together as a full artistic statement. Stay tuned for more news about these upcoming releases!

I am so grateful for the friends and colleagues with whom I have worked and shared so many magical moments in musical collaboration. I know we will continue to learn and grow during this extended period of time at home, and I look forward to sharing more moments of transcendance together. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!
Big Virtual Hugs – Judi Silvano

December 2019

Wow! What a phenomenal year we have all experienced and witnessed!

Thanks to everyone who came out to a LIVE CONCERT, watched, listened or purchased a Download or CD of my MUSIC ALBUMS, or came to one of my ART EXHIBITS or purchased an Original or Print of one of my PAINTINGS.

I feel Blessed to share my  expressions of Life and Love and send each of you Best Wishes for Healthy and Safe holiday season and into our new year 2020!

The short rundown of all my 2019 activities is that I had many and varied LIVE performances with the wonderful musicians I’ve been collaborating with through the years. 3 new Albums have been released including LESSONS LEARNED (Unit Records) with all my Original Songs and Lyrics, and CLOUDWALKING (Muse-Eek) of electro-acoustic Duets with guitarist Bruce Arnold where we have co-written compositions, arrangements and improvisations together. Last year we released LISTEN TO THIS, our first foray into Duo Improvisations.  These led me to re-ignite my passion for the Music and Dance connection and with the collaboration with Artist and Videographer Michal Shapiro, we have been working on visual statements to our sounds.  There is a plan to release a DVD of these “art films” and “music videos” in the coming year -  so keep in touch!   Meanwhile I produced 3 concerts of LIVE Music and Dance collaborations with Contemporary Dance and Flamenco Music and Dance, which was such a pleasure!

In addition, my husband Joe Lovano and I celebrated our 35th Anniversary and this has fueled a renewed appreciation of the Power of Love and the Beauty of Creativity in our world and I also had my third Solo Art Exhibition of my newest works called “Creative Diversity” in the Hudson Valley where we reside.  Please visit my Paintings page on this website to see many of my works!

Have a Safe and Peaceful and Healthy Holiday Season and New Year! Love and Music - Judi

February 2019

This has been an exciting year with the release of my latest album “Lessons Learned” with my Zephyr Band on Unit Records (Switzerland). It has been a thrill to play this music and because of the great musicians I am so fortunate to play with, the music has stayed fresh. These are all my original songs and lyrics. A special thank you to the band which includes Kenny Wessel, guitar, Bruce Arnold, processed guitar, Adam Kolker, bass clarinet, soprano & tenor sax, Ratzo B. Harris, bass and Bob Meyer, drums. I asked the amazing Joe Lovano to produce the session for me and he helped me express each of my stories in a very personal way. He also contributed his signature tenor sax sound on two tracks. We have been receiving glowing reviews from journalists and radio hosts in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, and South Africa. I am so grateful for their appreciation of this continued focus of presenting my original songs and lyrics. Please see the reviews page on this site for some of their words.

I want to announce that a new album of my Sonic-Twist duo with the amazing Bruce Arnold on processed guitar with Super Collider, called “CLOUDWALKING” will be released very soon. I am singing acoustically but through some electronic effects on this totally improvised outing of soothing soundscapes.

On the visual art front, I had a wonderful year of exploring acrylic paintings as well as the other media I enjoy including watercolor, encaustic, oil, and multimedia. I have been working in larger format to capture some of the movement of my musical subjects and feelings that have inspired me. Please check my paintings page on this site.

Thank you to all of the friends and fans who have given me so much support in my creative expression. It would be a very lonely place without you to share it with me! Wishing YOU and YOURS a great 2019! JUDI

February 2018

It’s almost Spring and hope springs eternal! It’s been a weird season weather-wise, yet there’s a lot of inspiring and beautiful music in the air and paintings on the easel!

As the Holiday season has waned, I am looking forward to the beauty of the Spring flowers  and the release of my new recording with the amazing Bruce Arnold on guitar “That’s What That Is”.  We have been exploring our Electro-Acoustic duo with both of us playing our instruments through electronic effects while Improvising  contemporarious songs.

Bruce plays his Guitar through SuperCollider and my vocals go through Eventide effects.  We both use the wonderful JAM PEDALS and here are a few photos of our visit to the Jam Pedal Booth at the NAMM show last month.  Thanks to all the folks there, especially founder, engineer and guitarist Jannis Anastasakis Marinos and Emmanuel Vourakis.  I will post some photos on the Photos page here.

I invite you to check out an Interview that I was honored to do for the JazzBluesNews.space website.  I had a chance to share my thoughts about music and art and how I got to where I am these days. Thanks to Simon Sargysyan for asking me such thoughtful questions! Click this link to read:

I’m also thrilled to become part of a new artist website that features many wonderful works by (outdoor) Plein Air painters.  Please check out some of my works that are for sale (hint, hint!) at http://pleinair.store/judi-silvano.html and feel free to contact me about any of my other paintings that are also shown on my website here on the Paintings page.

Stay warm and safe and rest up – the Spring Frolics are coming soon!  Wishing You All the best of Love and Music!  Judi

December 2017

Hello everyone - I wish you and yours a peaceful and healthy Holiday Season! I have been blessed with much love and many activities these past months and would like to share some of what is coming up with you.

Having done several wonderful DUO concerts with the brilliant improvising guitarist Bruce Arnold this year, we are preparing to release our new ALL-IMPROVISED Electro-Acoustic recording “THAT”S WHAT THAT IS” in February of the coming year. (label tbd)

Also, I'm thrilled to be releasing a New Set of my Original Songs all with NEW LYRICS in April, 2018 on the Swiss Label Unit Records.
“LESSONS LEARNED” features my Zephyr Band with
Kenny Wessel, guitar
Bruce Arnold, processed guitar
Adam Kolker, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor sax
Ratzo Harris, bass
Bob Meyer, drums
with a European tour planned for Autumn 2018.

As for live gigs, we hope to see you at one!

Sat’y February 3, 2018 with the WIDE OPEN MUSIC series as part of:

Saty APRIL 14 – John Menegon CD Release “Quartet East” at Kitano Jazz Club

JULY 1 – 31, 2018 Art Exhibit: Judi Silvano Paintings
The Cornwall Public Library, 395 Hudson Street, Cornwall, NY 12518

June or Sept (TBD) Art Exhibit: Judi Silvano Paintings
Greenwood Lake Public Library, 79 Waterstone Road, Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

September/October 2018 - European Tour: “LESSONS LEARNED” Zephyr Band CD

So I hope to see you somewhere along the way! best wishes to all!

June 2017

I have some MUSIC EVENTS and ART NEWS to share with you Soooooooo, I hope you enjoy reading about what I'm up to these days!
Painting above is of SHEILA JORDAN in Watercolor and Markers on Rice Paper
I Hope to SEE you and/or HEAR FROM YOU soon!

Int’l Society of Bassists Convention
Frederic Alarie, Acoustic Bass (Quebec)
with Judi Silvano, Voice (New York)
Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
June 8, 2017, 5pm set
2 String Instruments: Bass and Voice: Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic interpretations of Standard Songs including Thelonious Monk plus Original Songs and Improvisations.
Website for Schedule
Sketch of Frederic Alarie by Judi Silvano in Quebec 2015<-WBGO Art Gallery presents The Art of Jazz: Performing Artists as Visual Artists Opening Art Reception: Musicians Who Paint The WBGO Gallery is located at 54 Park Place in Newark, NJ. It's free and open to the public. WBGO is a wheelchair accessible facility. Thursday, June 8, Reception 6PM - 8PM Join us for a free gallery reception, meet the artists and enjoy a live performance. This exhibit is curated by photographer Tony Graves and WBGO host Sheila Anderson. It includes paintings and photographs by jazz musicians, including: Tony Bennett, Don Braden, Will Calhoun, Gerald Cannon, Mino Cinnelu, Honi Gordon, Dick Griffon, Oliver Lake, Peter Leitch, Carmen Lundy, Perez, Bucky Pizzarelli, Judi Silvano and Sonelius Smith. This Gallery reception is sponsored by Wines of South Africa. You can also visit the WBGO gallery during regular business hours, M-F, 9AM to 5PM. WEBSITENeil Alexander’s Annual “Summer Solstice Concert” Safe Harbors Lobby at The Ritz Theater, 107 Broadway, Newburgh, NY 12550 Saturday, June 17, 8pm concert Non-Denominational Spiritually-themed Music to celebrate and welcome the Summer season with members of Neil’s group NAIL and guests from the region, including vocalist Judi Silvano. There will also be a collection of non-perishable food items for the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. 845-784-1199 and WEBSITE FOR CONCERT INFONYC ElectroAcoustic Festival presents: Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold Duo “Travel Chant” Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street (at Pitt St), NY NY 10002 Wednesday June 21, 8pm concert Judi Silvano, Vocals with Eventide effects and Bruce Arnold, Guitar with SuperCollider effects play “Travel Chant” from their new release “Listen To This” on Muse-Eek. *WEBSITE for CONCERT*Reminder: OUR NEW ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC DUO RECORDING availalble NOW! LISTEN TO THIS!!! JUDI SILVANO and BRUCE ARNOLD Adventurous Electronic Excursions, Ruminations and Soundscapes Electro-Acoustic Project...Guitar and Voice Duets Available for Purchase and Download To order digital download or physical copy: PURCHASE HERE: or Judi Silvano's website! COVER DESIGN of LISTEN TO THIS is by Artist Michal Shapiro.**Here is our first commentary!! “This music is not jazz,” I was told by the person who asked me to write about it. Well, not that Wynton Marsalis would recognize it as such, but through all the amazing electronics, vocalist Judi Silvano’s phrasing, inflections, and improvisatory reactions and guitarist Bruce Arnold’s lush harmonies at least show jazz’s genetic imprint on this new creation...“Remembrances” ... electronically harmonized multiple Silvano voices... the slow ballad “Complete Embrace,” with no electronic manipulation of Silvano’s voice and, after the opening fanfare, a relatively straightforward wash of guitar harmonies... it’s a hybrid: half torch song, half art song, with emotiveness and lushness... Of course, the definitive breakdown of musical categorization was delivered in 1962 by Duke Ellington: “There are simply two kinds of music, good music and the other kind.” Trust me, you should file this album in the Good Music section. Steve Holtje 2016More News... I was honored with an HONORABLE MENTION last month for my painting "Landscape with Moon" by the MIDDLETOWN ART GROUP, on view at Orange County Community College! Thank you to all the judges and colleagues who voted for my Encaustic Oil Painting. Thank you for the support in what I love!Look for NEW CD Release and tour dates later this year! Vocal Improvisor JUDI SILVANO mixes it up with her ZEPHYR 2-GUITAR GROUP with exciting Silvano Originals, ALL NEW LYRICS, Dance Grooves and unique Improvisations. The 2-guitar formation sets the stage for extended rhythmic interplay while the Voice with Saxophone weave the melodic fabric of these Tales of Life and Love!Band includes: Kenny Wessel (guitar), Bruce Arnold (processed guitar), Adam Kolker (reeds), Ratzo Harris (bass), Bob Meyer ( drums), Todd Isler (percussion) and Special Guest Joe Lovano (tenor sax)! Featuring Judi's NEW LYRICS and NEW SONGS and STORIES!

May 2017

Hello friends, fans and colleagues!

Springtime is passionate this year, fluctuating between balmy and blustery. What an amazing reminder of what Life is really all about. The seasons are not floating gently one into the other, they are spreading their wild energy as far as it will go, inspite of drastic contradictions. It is certainly a challenging time for us mere mortals to continue our work in this time!

I am grateful that I have managed to avoid getting any Sinus Infections this winter! Maybe it’s a result of staying at home whenever possible to keep my energy reserves up for when I have to really expend a lot of energy. Forgive me, dear friends, if I have not been able to attend many of the beautiful expressions of your lives that have been witness and balm to the confusing political climate.

While my New SONGS and LYRICS are recorded and MIXED and awaiting release showcasing another aspect of my collaboration with my 2-guitar Zephyr Band ... I have become engaged in a grand experiment in working with guitarist BRUCE ARNOLD on a series of DUO IMPROVISATIONS using Electronic Programs (Super Collider on the guitar and Eventide Plug-in Effects on the voice). It has been a revelation and joy unleashing unexpected and completely spontaneous music together!

With Bruce’s knowledge of the Electro-Acoustic setup, I feel I have a new tool as my disposal and have unleashed some deep songs and statements of my being. Since I am a Child of the ‘60’s it is with abandon and empathy that I approach playing in such an intimate setting with a fellow musician of such intuitive capacity.

Some Red Letter Moments of Late:

While we were compiling the new LISTEN TO THIS recording, Artist/Videographer MICHAL SHAPIRO created a video/sound montage with our Duo interpretation of my song called “Complete Embrace” with lyrics excerpted from the Poetry of my nephew Peter Silverman. The video was accepted into a Curated Show near Baltimore MD at The Photo Gallery show called “Our World” and although I had to be in Europe at the time of the show’s opening, Ms. Shapiro and Mr. Arnold both attended. I was so proud our collaboration was acknowledged and it gave me encouragement to continue working towards my vision for Music and Art and Dance as one experience! Look for some YouTube moments in the months to come!

LISTEN TO THIS the CD was released in December 2016 on Muse-Eek Publishing and it’s gotten quite a lot of attention for its fresh approach to intimate improvisatory collaboration. Reviews are coming in slowly. Check it out on my MUSIC page on this site!

Judi and Bruce will be part of the prestigious NEW YORK CITY ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC FESTIVAL of music which is being held in Manhattan and Brooklyn venues the week of June 19 – 25, 2017.  There are concerts during the afternoons and evenings and Silvano and Arnold will play their co-created song  “Travel Chant” on Wednesday, June 21 at the 8pm concert at The Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street), NY NY 10002.  Try to come partake of the multitude of Musical Expressions there and we hope to see you at our concert!

http://www.nycemf.net/2017-festival/ for the schedule of all concerts.

On another front, Jazz afficianado and longtime WBGO Radio supporter Dorthaan Kirk had an amazing idea to invite Musicians Who Paint to submit their work for an art exhibit at the venerable Newark, NJ radio station. The opening is being planned for Thursday June 8 and I am thrilled to have 5 of my paintings hanging in this exhibit.  I submitted a Portraits of McCoy Tyner, Sheila Jordan, The Dewey Redman and Joe Lovano Quartet at Birdland, and others. Check their website soon for more information!

January 2017

ANNOUNCING New Sound Recordings and Visual Documentation.

2017 is a number, another marker in the continuum of our lives. The past year 2016 has been full of wonderful experiences and many challenges both Artistically and Personally for me. I extend my gratitude to all the people in my world who have supported and shared in my recent work, my Journey and my Evolution, both the musical and the visual.

I have many Blessings in my life and am enjoying them daily and practicing Gratitude for the love and connections I have in friendships and family. Last year saw my first major Solo Art Show in a month-long exhibition in the Wallkill River Art Gallery. Thank you to the teachers and colleagues who have encouraged and helped me develop my painting skills so that I can unleash my IMAGINATION in new and wondrous ways!

I have committed to a new branch of my visual arts tree: documenting some of the Musical Giants that I have been witness to and/or shared the musical stage with in the past years. There are recent paintings in Oil, Watercolor and Mixed Media of great musicians that I know and admire such as McCoy Tyner, Sheila Jordan, Joe Lovano/Dewey Redman Quartet, John Scofield, Michael Abene, Dave Douglas and Joey Baron with new paintings of Abbey Lincoln, Kenny Werner, Jaco Pastorius, Mark Murphy and the SF Jazz Collective in the works! I look forward to pulling together these images to honor these wonderful artists!

Musically... I have a NEW CD RECORDING that was just released!!! It is called LISTEN TO THIS (Muse Eek) and is available as Digital Downloads or CD disc at www.Muse-Eek.com/listen-to-this . I'm so excited to be working on completely Original and mostly Improvised Songs with the enormously talented Bruce Arnold on Guitar with SuperCollider effects on guitar and Eventide effects on my vocal sound.

Also, I"d like to announce that I have an imminent release of my Zephyr 2-guitar Band recording of all-Original songs with stories that is slated for Release in Spring 2017. We are working on a tour in Euriope in Summer 2017.

So Please stay in touch and check into my updated pages on this site! all the best JUDI

Summer 2016

Spring was a little slow in coming and the Winter was one of much travel for me.  So I find myself enjoying the beautiful weather with a NEW RECORDING of all Original Songs and Lyrics ready to Master and 25 new paintings that I’ve been working on for the past months ready to show!!!

I went into Sear Sound in October with my working band of the past few years to lay down some of the music we’ve been grooving on in the NY area and had some fun!  I call it my Zephyr 2-guitar band and it consists of longtime bandmates Guitarist Kenny Wessel, Bassist Ratzo B. Harris, Reedman Adam Kolker and Drummer Bob Meyer. The group has evolved to also include Processed Guitarist Bruce Arnold and Percussionist Todd Isler. We’ve been developing arrangements of my New and Old material and with the help of Sax Master Joe Lovano, who plays on 2 trax with us, we have put together a very exciting set of moods and feelings about Life and Love!  Next step is to get it Mastered and decide how it will be released, so stay in touch!

I’ll be bringing this 2-guitar band to the Red Hook Jazz Festival SUNDAY JUNE 12 in Brooklyn, then singing an Ode to Billie Holiday up in Marlboro, NY with soulful guitarist Matthew Fink and then heading out to the wonderful Hawley Inn in the countryside for their Jazz On The Deck series, fourth year! I hope to see you somewhere!!! And  I still have some gigs coming up with Veteran Pianist Michael Abene with whom I recorded my last all-Original session so I look forward to that!

Please consider coming up to the Mid-Hudson Valley to enjoy not only the scenery but also the Opening Reception of my Solo Art Show on Sat’y July 9th.  I’ll be showing New Paintings in Oil, Watercolor, Pastel and Encaustics along with some other wonderful artists, Marilyn and Gene Bove, in a different gallery room. Check my Events page and I hope the season brings you health and happiness.  Peace.

April 2016

Ah Springtime! Even though it was a mild winter here on the East Coast, the sight of daffodils pushing up and buds about to pop on the flowering trees is a pleasure!

Artistically? I am in a great place: I just finished MIXING a recording with my working band of the last 2 years - a 2-guitar affair featuring KENNY WESSEL and BRUCE ARNOLD complementing each others' sounds, RATZO HARRIS on Acoustic and Stick Bass, BOB MEYER on Drums, ADAM KOLKER on Bass Clarinet, Soprano and Tenor Sax and TODD ISLER on percussion. The recording is of all my Originals (all with Lyrics this time!) with SPECIAL GUEST JOE LOVANO on a few trax as well! I'm hoping it will be released this Fall....

Look for gigs in JUNE and beyond with this band...

JULY 9th is the Opening Reception for my SOLO ART SHOW (refreshments from 5-7pm) at the Wallkill River Gallery and School of Art in Montgomery, NY - I hope you can SAVE THE DATE on your calendars and come share the joy that I feel in my visual work. Also please check the PAINTINGS page on this website!!!

Wishing everyone a GREAT period of Renewal this Spring - And hope to see you soon at a live event somewhere!