December 2020

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my website!  In fact, this is the New and Improved Design that was just completed over the summer and rolled out this Autumn! I have a lot to share about what I’ve been up to since my last update in July… but first…

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones staying safe and healthy. Here we are entering the Holiday Season already!  I have many family members and friends who have gotten the Covid19 Virus, and thankfully most had a mild version and are recuperated. But there is much to be learned about possible longterm effects so I am following all the developing information to learn how to best protect ourselves.  We have unfortunately lost many friends and musical figures on the scene and there is a lot to ponder about what’s going on in the world.

I have much to be grateful for and being a musician and artist has helped me to stay balanced and maintain my equilibrium when I feel frustrated and overwhelmed!  Which is just about every day at some point! So here are a few things that stand out in my corner of the world.

First, I’m thrilled to announce that a long-term project of mine is in the process of being finally released!  My frequent collaborator guitarist and composer Bruce Arnold and I have been releasing tracks every week since September and all through the autumn in preparation for the release of our 3rd album together in January 2021!  It is called “UNITY” and the musical co-compositions of our Electro-Acoustic Duo is called “Sonic Twist”,  continues my vision of bringing Music and Dance together as part of my life’s expression.  I am thrilled that in addition to deep intuitive connection I have found with Mr. Arnold, I have had the good fortune to also have a working relationship with Videographer Michal Shapiro on this project.  I invited dancers Maria Mitchell and Hilary Brown to interpret tracks of their choice for this album and their amazing movement choices brought a new dimension to our sounds, and then Ms. Shapiro brought her unique perspective to connecting all the elements to fashion a unique video for each composition.  The result are a series of evocative musical videos that show a full artistic statement of music and dance and storytelling.  Bravo to All and Thank you!  For more information about The album and videos and music see:

Also I’m more than thrilled to be part of an album “Dancing On The Edge” on Dot Time Records, that was just released in October.  It is a new recording from the Kaleidoscope Quintet, made up of saxophone legends Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano, vocalist Judi Silvano, bassist Tony Marino and drummer Michael Stephans.   Recorded live at the Deer Head Inn in 2013, Dancing On The Edge is a striking live performance that showcases the boundless artistic possibilities when five distinctive musical voices come together as one.  Also, an original painting by Judi Silvano’s was commissioned especially for this project and will grace the cover.

Best Wishes for your continued Happiness and Good Health!  Judi Silvano