January 2017

ANNOUNCING New Sound Recordings and Visual Documentation.

2017 is a number, another marker in the continuum of our lives. The past year 2016 has been full of wonderful experiences and many challenges both Artistically and Personally for me. I extend my gratitude to all the people in my world who have supported and shared in my recent work, my Journey and my Evolution, both the musical and the visual.

I have many Blessings in my life and am enjoying them daily and practicing Gratitude for the love and connections I have in friendships and family. Last year saw my first major Solo Art Show in a month-long exhibition in the Wallkill River Art Gallery. Thank you to the teachers and colleagues who have encouraged and helped me develop my painting skills so that I can unleash my IMAGINATION in new and wondrous ways!

I have committed to a new branch of my visual arts tree: documenting some of the Musical Giants that I have been witness to and/or shared the musical stage with in the past years. There are recent paintings in Oil, Watercolor and Mixed Media of great musicians that I know and admire such as McCoy Tyner, Sheila Jordan, Joe Lovano/Dewey Redman Quartet, John Scofield, Michael Abene, Dave Douglas and Joey Baron with new paintings of Abbey Lincoln, Kenny Werner, Jaco Pastorius, Mark Murphy and the SF Jazz Collective in the works! I look forward to pulling together these images to honor these wonderful artists!

Musically... I have a NEW CD RECORDING that was just released!!! It is called LISTEN TO THIS (Muse Eek) and is available as Digital Downloads or CD disc at www.Muse-Eek.com/listen-to-this . I'm so excited to be working on completely Original and mostly Improvised Songs with the enormously talented Bruce Arnold on Guitar with SuperCollider effects on guitar and Eventide effects on my vocal sound.

Also, I"d like to announce that I have an imminent release of my Zephyr 2-guitar Band recording of all-Original songs with stories that is slated for Release in Spring 2017. We are working on a tour in Euriope in Summer 2017.

So Please stay in touch and check into my updated pages on this site! all the best JUDI