December 2013

It’s been another amazing year of Music and Art and I want to thank all the folks who have come out to share my songs and my paintings both in the US and in Europe! Somehow I’ve found a way to celebrate life in spite of losing my mother and mother in law and several dear friends. I am grateful for all the friends in my life and send Blessings and Love to you!

With the HOLIDAYS coming up, please consider buying from LOCAL ARTISTS. Some suggestions:

Music recordings or downloads from the artists you respect, available at many online sites and on their websites, (including mine: Music is a healing force and can make us happy and inspired, very important as Winter approaches!

Gift an Original Watercolor or Pastel Paintings by wonderful artists you may know. To view some of Judi’s paintings go to to her Paintings page (a new site with the full inventory of Paintings and Giclee Art Prints is in the works for 2014!) I also suggest Represented Artists at the Wallkill River School of Art where my work has been exhibited and will be available on their site in 2014.

Greeting Cards with Judi Silvano Art (blank inside) are available at:

Please contact Judi directly if interested in purchasing any Original or Giclee Art Prints! Email contact:

And here are some links of music and art to enjoy on the internet!