May 2013

I’ve been busy this Spring and happy too, with my FIRST EVER ART SHOW…. Although I’ve been painting and drawing all my life, I just began studying a few years ago and loving it. My media are Watercolor and Pastels. To see them, you can check the Paintings tab here on my website or Click the link below for a video my friend (the amazingly talented Sarah James) put together as my birthday gift about my music and paintings together…

I also have a new CD coming out in the Fall featuring the amazing pianist and arranger Michael Abene and I playing all my Original songs in Duo. There are some new ones and I’ve added lyrics to some older tunes which re-shaped them. Recording and doing a few gigs was so much fun and Michael is a true Original himself and his amazing re-harmonizations were wonderfully challenging… By the way, we recorded at The Upland Studio in Kingston, NY with John Menegon engineering and I can highly recommend them for any group up to a Quintet, I think!

We are also celebrating the one year anniversary of my mother Miriam’s death anniversary on May 25th and feeling her presence with me in everything I do. In the year since she has passed from her suffering I realize even more how she has influenced my whole being and I am honoring her life in every moment. We had her for 89 years!!!

It’s a pretty full life and one of my biggest joys is sharing life’s experiences with my amazing partner, Joe Lovano. We will celebrate our 20th Anniversary living in our Villa Paradiso (as we affectionately call our home) and our 29th Wedding Anniversary in late September. I am grateful for all my blessings, that’s for sure!!!!

Here is a new video that came through from the Puebla, Mexico E-Jazz Festival that I did with the Amazing Janice Friedman and some wonderful Mexican jazz musicians: Alberto Jimenez, Emilio Colonel and Vladimir Colonel. There is concert footage and Interview excerpts that I hope you’ll enjoy!